Friday January 20, 2012: Occupy Wall Street West

We will join OccupySF’s daylong nonviolent mass occupation of San Francisco’s Financial District. The focus is on overturning Citizens United v. FEC and a demand that the banks (who were bailed out) stop for-profit evictions and foreclosures of our neighbors. You can get more information at or come to Justin Herman Plaza anytime during the day.



Saturday January 21, 2012: March for a 28th Amendment-Get Corporate Money OUT of Our Elections!

We will be again joining OccupySF for a nonviolent
educational walk through the Financial District to identify which corporations have dumped how many millions of dollars into efforts to influence our elections. You can contact us directly at or join us in person at Sue Bierman Park (corner of Drumm and Clay Streets near Justin Herman Plaza) at 2 pm. We will be back to Sue Bieman Park by approximately 4:30 pm. Parking in this area is expensive and extremely congested. The best way to get there on either day is by MUNI Metro exiting at the Embarcadero Station.


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