Occupy Wall Street West

A week ago today we took part in Occupy Wall Street West and had a great time with so many others that know that we need to get corporate money out of politics. As long as we keep up these types of demonstrations, we can successfully continue the national conversation about economic and political justice that has already begun! For a complete rundown of the day, including activists shutting down Wells Fargo, Bank of America and other fantastic statements of dissent, please visit OccupySF.

Also, Keith Olbermann spoke to Josh Harkinson of Mother Jones about all of the actions that happened over the weekend to draw attention to the Citizens United ruling and they specifically discuss Occupy Wall Street West starting at 1:48. Check it out:


About 28th Amendment SF

Fighting for a constitutional amendment to overturn the Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission and the "Money=Speech" Supreme Court rulings that have given corporations control of our democracy.
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